Management Consulting with skills

In Strategy, Human Capital, Business Transformation, Technology and Operations


We coordinate business transformation units

dedicated to deliver high priority initiatives

Why we’re unique

Our passion is to empower people and organizations maximise performance and deliver lasting results
Focus on priorities

Our objective is to shape the future of our clients by focusing our efforts on areas that accelerate the transformation of their businesses.

Best practices and pragmatic approaches

We use methods and tools aligned with international best practices to introduce new work processes, activities and daily routines following pragmatic approaches towards organizational transformation, adoption of change and delivery of results

Strong results orientation

We support strategy definition processes and coordinate customer transformation teams dedicated to the delivery of priority initiatives.

Our People


Our goal is to cultivate and sustain a work environment of diversity and inclusion comprised of talented individuals who believe in our mission to empower people and organizations maximize performance and deliver lasting results.

We want to grow a workforce that is highly skilled and committed to the objectives of our customers and partners following a responsible, inspiring and sustainable management consulting approach at pace and speed.

We aim for high standards of excellence and professionalism, hence we welcome all individuals who share our vision, believe in the values promoted by us and who are interested in reinforcing our culture.

We set medium/long term objectives in alignment with the objectives of our clients and the professional growth of our people.

We support good growth opportunities for our people and promote our people’s potential and success within our professional circle.

“We build our future with the trust we conquer from our clients and partners”

Tiago HenriquesManaging Partner

Core Values

Best People

  • We reinforce our teams with the best people
  • We treat the satisfaction of our people as a top priority
  • We celebrate high performance and customer impact
  • We support good growth opportunities for our people
  • We promote our people’s potential and success within our professional circle

Customer Success

  • We understand the business of our customers
  • We listen to our customers needs, desires and challenges and explore solutions together
  • We treat customer satisfaction as a top priority
  • We deliver upon our promisses

Think Entrepreneur act corporate

  • We are entrepreneurs
  • We act corporate
  • We evolve and adapt to our customers
  • We step outside our comfort zone
  • We are ONE team

Integrity and Respect

  • We value diversity and inclusion
  • We respect and treat our clients the same way we like to be treated and respected
  • We promote an open, respectful and trustworthy environment
  • We take responsibility for our actions
  • We lead by example

Key Partnerships

  • We believe that every relationship is unique and must be treated as special
  • We value partnerships and alliances, which bring extra rewards for all parties involved but also extra responsibilities
    • Collaboration & Commitment
    • Shared risks and rewards
    • High Impact business opportunities

Responsible and Sustainable Consulting

  • We focus on sustainability and balance between economic results, people development, environmental respect and positive contributions to our society 

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