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Why work for neovis?

Neovis creates a real collaborative environment where our consultants often become close and supportive of one another.

We dedicate a great importance to our career counselor model, which consists in allocating all our consultants a career advocate for concrete guidance and support throughout their experience at Neovis

Our business objectives are revisited in alignment with the objectives of our clients and the professional growth of our people.

We support good growth opportunities for our people and promote our people’s potential and success within our professional circle.

Career Path

Every consultant accounts for a key asset of our team and plays a critical role in the success of our team

What we look for

Analytical mindset

Ability to use your critical thinking and problem-solving skills in order to challenge and explore potential solutions for a particular objective.

Value proposition, case articulation skills

Our consultants are expected to be able to explore customer needs and articulate customer value propositions

Process mapping skills

Considerable amount of business process mapping experience and certifications.

Problem solving skills

The ability to work through details of a problem to reach a solution may include, logical, mathematical or systematic approaches.

Teamwork and leadership qualities

Our consultants work in collaborative environment and take ownership for their responsibilities.

Diversified industry and functional skills

Our consultants are expected to have a value proposition that distinguishes them from their colleagues. Personal value propositions are usually aligned to a particular industry sector or a cross-functional skill that is industry agnostic.

Written, communication and presentation skills

Ability to read, write and communicate fluently.

Fluency in English

Ability to read and write in english

Prepare for your interview

Project Interview | Simulation

The project interview is used to understand the level of experience of the candidate by exploring real project scenarios. Candidates must take this opportunity to clarify their own value proposition – e.g. why should neovis hire the candidate and not another one?

Project Work | Simulation

The project work is used to understand the skills set of the candidates. Candidates will be prompted with a real project activity to perform in a given timeframe before they can explain what they did to the interviewer.

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